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Becoming a Successful Witch


Witchcraft, unlike past years, can be learned online, without having to sit and train with professional witchcraft. There are several online websites that interested people can learn about witchcraft and become successful witches. Such sites as The Witchy Mommy provides a detailed guide for beginners on how to become a successful witch. Here is a guide to beginners on how to self-train and become a witch.


Step one, and the most important step is to list down the reasons for the interest in becoming a witch. Is the desire inborn or what drives the interest? There are people who have grown up in a set up where parents or foster parents were witches, thus derived the interest from then. For such people, self-training with such guides from The Witchy Mommy and other guides becomes an easy task and takes a shorter period of time.


Read everyday magick books, journals, magazines, and any other available reading materials to get more knowledge of the practice. The more knowledgeable you become, the more successful you become in magic. Journals and books are also available from several social media books where the tutors offer them for free, or at an agreed cost. 


Practice makes perfect. Always put into practice what you learn at the end of every stage. Do not be afraid to try out at the end of every tutorial. You can offer free services to interested parties, so get a ground for frequent practice.  The more the practice, the more successful one becomes. Create time for self-guidance and assessment. Set targets and a graph that will show the milestones achieved and the duration of achievement. Be sure to learn witchcraft here!


Look online for other communities of witches, both learners and experienced, to gain more knowledge from them. There is never enough knowledge, and there is always something new to learn from others. Avail yourself when the groups have a meeting and be keen on how they perform their magic, as well as tricks. A successful witch is all about magic. Trainers online such as The Witchy Mommy develops different courses for the learners. Look out for the new courses available now and then. Look out for more courses to learn more now and then. To read more about the benefits of witchcraft, go to https://www.britannica.com/topic/Witchcraft-Today.


Be positive. It is not always perfect at the first trial of spelling out magic. You may require several attempts before becoming perfect.  Try different herbal tea used in witchcraft and learn more about them.